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Engage Your Community

Industry leading platforms for stakeholder engagement & tracking.

MySite products make up the complete engagement suite. With our platform integration you can seamlessly achieve best practice community and stakeholder engagement outcomes.

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Stakeholder Management

Track, Record and Analyze your stakeholder data for better project outcomes.

  • Record quality stakeholder data
  • Quickly and easily track and update stakeholder records
  • Create a comprehensive stakeholder database
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Community Engagement

Build dedicated engagement sites to improve the way you engage your community and stakeholders.

  • Project Landing Pages
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Discussion Forums
  • Ideation Tools
  • Surveys
  • Participatory Budgeting
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Better Shopper Data

Promote your stores, drive customer engagement and track where individual customers spend their money, with our simple and cost effective SaaS solution.

  • Customer Rewards
  • Messaging
  • Competitions & Games
  • Analytics
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