MySite invests in leading digital engagement solutions

Who we are

At MySite, our focus on the Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Management space ensures we are a leading provider and key voice in the industry. By using our knowledge and expertise to go beyond our product offering, we inspire and educate our customers, helping them to better understand the art and science of engagement and stakeholder management.

As we continue to invest in leading digital engagement solutions, we continue to operate on a philosophy of respectful, honest and transparent working relationships with our business owners, clients and people. We foster our business founders and their teams by retaining and providing them with the resources, capabilities and mentorship they require to create and maintain long term business success. 

By focusing on end-to-end product strategy we will be able to deliver: 

Improved Customer Experience

We create a more seamless and consistent customer experience by integrating our solutions to deliver optimised engagement delivery. 

Increased Efficiency

We can reduce the time, effort, and cost required to complete each step, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Better Data Management

We help create a more comprehensive view of all engagement interactions, both online and offline, improving decision-making and data analysis.

Our Difference

At MySite, we understand that business is personal.  We bring a humanised approach to business and establish personal connections with all our stakeholders including business owners, employees, clients and industry partners. 

We value our people and have built an authentic, supportive work culture that is different from traditional corporate businesses.

MySite as an investor

At MySite, we invest in and retain businesses, founders and their supporting teams long term by fostering strong working and industry relationships. We strive to obtain market leadership in the Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Management space. We achieve this by innovating our software continuously to meet our client’s needs, who are at the core of everything we do. 

Why choose MySite:

MySite as an employer

At MySite, we recognise that there is a high level of pastoral care in being an employer and we work hard to ensure each person has an enriching career experience through our supportive growth culture. 

Working at MySite: