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Our suite of software products help organisations manage their entire community and stakeholder engagement process, from initial discovery to final delivery. 

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Our Expertise

At MySite, our focus on the Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Management space ensures we are a leading provider and key voice in the industry. By using our knowledge and expertise to go beyond our product offering, we inspire and educate our customers, helping them to better understand the art and science of engagement and stakeholder management.

Improved Customer Experience

We create a more seamless and consistent customer experience by integrating our solutions to deliver optimised engagement delivery. 

Increased Efficiency

We can reduce the time, effort, and cost required to complete each step, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Better Data Management

We help create a more comprehensive view of all engagement interactions, both online and offline, improving decision-making and data analysis.

Our Solutions

Governments, organisations and people are looking for better ways to update, inform, interact and engage with their communities and stakeholders online and manage and analyse the data collected.

Our leading solutions, Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager work to enhance and optimise this process. 

Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint is a comprehensive online platform that facilitates meaningful and accessible engagement opportunities that bring  community together.

Consultation Manager

Consultation Manager is a centralised stakeholder relationship management platform. Understand  stakeholders’ perceptions, engage strategically, and build better relationships with a single source of truth.

Latest News

Social Pinpoint Acquires MetroQuest

In an era where governments, organizations, and people seek more effective ways to connect, inform, and engage with their communities online, Social Pinpoint is poised to lead the way.