We acquire and invest in software that makes people’s lives easier.

Our suite of software products enable people across the globe to do their best work, simply and efficiently from any device, anywhere…at any time.

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Our Expertise

MySite is an investment house for software businesses
with proven success and high growth potential who require
investment, leadership and resources to achieve greater scale.


Financial investment in software businesses with high growth potential and proven product-market fit. 


Access to Senior Leadership that provides founders with the knowledge and expertise to optimise their business.

Expertise & Resources

Leading professional resources available to support business growth across Technology, Product Development, Business Development, and Customer Success. 

Back-end Business Services & Support

A suite of back-end business and administrative services to support daily operations, including Finance, Tax, Legals, and Human Resources.

Why MySite

We acquire businesses for the long-term, and foster founders and their teams by providing them with the resources and mentorship they require to achieve scale and success.

Hear from Our Founders

Business owner testimonials, from those who have sold to MySite. 

Colin Goudie - Social Pinpoint & Consultation Manager, Chief Technical Officer
"It didn’t take long in the early days of Social Pinpoint to recognise a great synergy between what we were doing and the established market and product of MySite’s flagship, Consultation Manager. My cofounder and I connected with MySite's founders on a personal level and that sense of connection made it easy to work through the considerations and complexities of an acquisition. MySite’s experience in running profitably whilst creating a great place to grow and learn has benefited Social Pinpoint and continues to help maintain our rapid growth rate. MySite also takes care to ensure that the talent they acquire fit the business and certainly from a technical and community engagement angle our team has helped Consultation Manager as much as they have helped us."
Gerry Mezzina - Founder of Norbit
"As a founder/acquired business, the big difference with MySite was the open, honest, authentic approach to all discussions. They took the time to understand the business, but more importantly, me and the team personally. Other parties had felt like they were interrogating us and making us feel smaller than we were. Craig was the opposite - the same amount of questions, but it never felt like it was tough, and he consistently mentioned he was interested and made me feel proud of what we'd achieved. The acquisition process operated on integrity, honesty and support, making it feel like we were working together from the start. There's a real sense of "let's grow together", and that extends beyond the business' success and into their support of their people."
Trevor Gardiner - CEO of Centium Software
"During conversations with multiple vendors, MySite stood out from the beginning as wanting a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved. We found the journey of progressing to due-diligence extremely thorough and efficient. We were easily able to communicate with Craig, MySite's CEO, and any other stakeholders to seek clarity when necessary. MySite met all agreed dates and deliverables including settlement. Post-sale, they have committed to look after staff and respect the business which they are now successfully growing."

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