Our Values

At MySite, we believe that business and work should be an enjoyable part of our lives. 

We are driven

At MySite, we create a supportive working environment that ensures business and work are enjoyable and understand that life comes first. We have a culture of accountability and high performance and consistently challenge ourselves and those around us to achieve their best. 

MySite’s values guide our work and people across every business unit and country in which we operate. They enable us to attract and retain the right talent including business founders or employees and build an environment that motivates our people to grow and be successful. Our values further extend into our relationships with our external stakeholders and clients, who are at the centre of everything we do.

MySite is driven by core values that guide our business operations and people:

Customer partnership

Customers are at the centre of everything we do, and we work in partnership with them to understand their problems and validate our solutions. 


Work transparently not in isolation

Our business goals are achieved through collaboration and personal accountability. We work together to achieve results and measure ourselves on the outcome.


Absolute meritocracy

Performance is the key to progression and there are no barriers to anyone joining or advancing in the company. 

Diversity drives success

Blending different viewpoints and opinions leads to better outcomes. We encourage our people to think differently from the crowd. 

Strength from competition​

Competitors drive us to improve; we respect them and relish the opportunity to compete.

A place to grow

Our global group offers every individual the opportunity to grow and expand their professional expertise and capabilities.