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We want work to be an enjoyable and rewarding part of your life, and we support this by investing in your growth and career opportunities. 

Growth & Career Progression

At MySite. we hire the best.  We want work to be an enjoyable and rewarding part of your life, and we support this by investing in our employee’s growth and career opportunities. Our diverse global group supports career progression by allowing our employees to take on new opportunities and challenges within our different businesses or global locations. 

At MySite, we hire purposefully and employ professionals who:


10 days Annual leave + 10 days Sick leave + birthday leave (optional – if you come to work, lunch and cake for the team is on us) + 2 days Volunteering Leave (volunteer for any cause you like and we’ll pay you as usual for the volunteering day) + Other leave (refer to job contract)

MAXICARE Gold (Regular Private) with access to 9 Major Hospitals and Healthway. Access P100,000 Max Benefit Limit per ailment. Standard Dental included. Routine Annual Check Up Included (dependents are optional for the account of the employee). 

Flexible Working Hours
Start your day with an hour of flexibility. Start earlier and finish earlier, or start later and finish later.

Work from Home Options
During the COVID-19 pandemic, you will work from home full-time. Post-pandemic, we will be flexible in the days where you work in the office and days you work from home to maximise collaboration, but also comfort.

Internet Allowance
Get 1,000 PHP Internet allowance per month.

Free Weekly Lunch (in the office)
While working in the office, we have dedicated days that we offer free team lunches.


Professional Development
We fully support professional development in all forms. From online courses to conferences and in-person training, we believe in all forms of personal growth and where it makes sense, we will sponsor you.

Career Growth
We have four fast-growing products in a fast-growing company. You will have lots of opportunities to grow, try new things and make big impacts on our product. Many of our team members stay with us for many many years because of the endless exciting opportunities we provide.

Brand New Laptop and Supporting Hardware 
We’ll equip you with the latest and greatest hardware to optimally support your role.

Casual Dress Code
We don’t have any uniforms or formal dress codes. You are free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in, provided that it is appropriate and professional.

Whatever You Need
We believe in providing a comfortable and enjoyable, yet productive and collaborative workplace. If you feel we can do something to better your experience, just say so and we’ll do our best.

Our Culture Puts You First

Need to look after your child for the day? Have an appointment or need to run errands? Need to care for someone who is unwell? You, your safety and your family comes first. Just let us know and we’ll work around it.


We have an expectation for you and everyone here to pursue excellence in your chosen disciplines. We help each other improve and push each other to be better. Always challenge yourself and focus on quality, not quantity.


Help each other all the time. If you ask someone for help here, they will gladly help you. We also expect you to help and collaborate with others whenever possible. Be open-minded and open to feedback, others will be too.

Respect, Trust and Autonomy

We trust you to do your work. We trust you to be the leader and champion of your discipline. There is no micro-management here. Everyone respects each other and trusts them to do their job. We believe in you and expect you to believe in others.

Fun Loving

What’s the point of spending time doing something if you don’t enjoy it? That’s why we expect you to love what you do and we will provide a fun environment. We believe it’s possible to enjoy yourself while also getting stuff done in a fun, positive environment.

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