MySite Group acquires and invests in software companies whose ethos is to make peoples lives easier.

Who we are.

MySite acquires and invests in software companies that make people’s lives easier. Our suite of software products enable thousands of people internationally to do their best work simply and efficiently from any device, anywhere, at any time. MySite is an investment house for software businesses with proven success and high growth potential who require investment, leadership and resources to achieve greater scalability. 

MySite operates on a philosophy of respectful, honest and transparent working relationships with our business owners, clients and people. We foster our business founders and their teams by retaining and providing them with the resources, capabilities and mentorship they require to create and maintain long term business success. 

We power innovation and growth through a suite of services, including:


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Expertise & Resources

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Back-end business services & support

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Our Difference

At MySite, we understand that business is personal, and we strive consistently to uphold a fair and ethical business reputation on any side of a transaction or conversation. We bring a humanised approach to business and establish personal connections with all our stakeholders including business owners, employees’, clients and industry partners. 

We value our people and have built an authentic, supportive work culture that is different from traditional corporate businesses. 

MySite as an investor

MySite is an investment house for high growth potential software business that need support and resources to reach their full potential. At MySite, we retain business owners and their teams and provide them with world-class resources and mentorship so that they can continue to run their businesses independently, without the daily stress. 

Why choose MySite:

MySite as an employer

At MySite, we recognise that there is a high level of pastoral care in being an employer and we strive consistently to ensure every person is treated with care and respect. We offer a supportive growth culture that enables any person to succeed and have access to wider opportunities within our global group. We want your time at MySite to be an enriching career experience, and we empower this through our values.

Our Story

MySite Founded

MySite Group, formerly known as ‘MySite Design Pty Ltd’ was founded by Directors Colin McEown and Andrew McKay who remain owners today. 

Colin and Andrew launched their first product’s ‘MySite’ and ‘MySite Communicator’ which enabled businesses to create their own websites and e-newsletters.  

Gap in the Market

Colin realised that geographically dispersed teams working on large projects needed a better way than pen and paper to capture and share their stakeholder data. Colin launched a simple software database (which would eventually become Consultation Manager) with the likes of GHD and Rowlands being some of the first users. 


Realising the full potential of stakeholder software, Consultation Manager V.1 was launched and joined MySite Group as their leading product.

Consultation Manager V.2


Consultation Manager V.3


Social Pinpoint Acquisition

Social Pinpoint joined MySite. Social Pinpoint rapidly expanded from a team of 7 to a team of 25 and went from operating only in Australia to expanding their global reach across the USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. 

Norbit Acquisition

Norbit joined MySite. In 5 months Norbit grew from a team of 1 to 4, expanded their reach into the USA, and is on track to DOUBLE their revenue within the first-year post acquisition.

GuestPoint Acquisition

GuestPoint joined MySite. GuestPoint joined MySite with a team of 10 and within a few short months the team has added 4 customer facing staff and 6 developers. MySite’s resources have fuelled a complete re-write of the products front-end, significantly upgrading the product offering.