Community and Stakeholder Engagement Software

Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint form the complete stakeholder and community engagement suite, enabling organisations to proactively manage their stakeholder’s views and opinions simply and efficiently to drive greater project outcomes.

Consultation Manager

Since 2003, Consultation Manager has constantly evolved as a highly centralized and secure stakeholder relationship management platform. As a single source of truth, Consultation Manager helps its clients better understand stakeholders’ perceptions through streamlined analysis and reporting. 

Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint is an easy-to-use community engagement platform that helps you reach more people online. Capture community feedback 24/7 with a variety of intuitive, cost-effective tools that are quick to set up.  Share or embed anywhere and start hearing from your hardest to reach voices today.

The HiVE

The HiVE is a complete community engagement solution that supports you in the online participation process, broadens your reach and informs better decision making.

Build a passionate online community to promote active participation and learn more about the needs of your audience.


EnviroLytical is an easy-to-use public involvement management tool that allows you to tag, filter, search and report the results of your efforts so you can better communicate with the public about your projects.