Social Pinpoint Relaunches with New Community Engagement Platform

Social Pinpoint is officially relaunching its platform with acquired company The HiVE to form the new Social Pinpoint brand. More than 300 clients in the U.S. and globally use Social Pinpoint and The HiVE across all levels of government, transport, healthcare, education, utilities and resources.

This brand relaunch positions Social Pinpoint as a leading tech solution focused on long-term relationship-building, with a strong investment in community transparency and active public participation. Social Pinpoint now has 40 tools and a new look and feel, making it faster and easier to create meaningful public participation projects that encourage engagement from stakeholders and community members.

“It was vital for us to relaunch The HiVE under the new Social Pinpoint brand to elevate and innovate our best-in-class tech solution dedicated to community engagement,” Brian Ashton, Product Officer of Social Pinpoint, said. “We have a long-term investment in community engagement technology to deliver a positive impact by empowering our customers to connect with their communities to create a better future for people and place collectively.” 


In February 2022, Social Pinpoint acquired The HiVE, which is well known for its robust participation toolbox and outstanding user-friendly interface. The current Social Pinpoint platform will be renamed to Social Pinpoint (SPP) Classic and The HiVE will become Social Pinpoint. Now, this refined focus on creating the best-in-class software solution, allows for expansion of community engagement efforts and aligns with the most-requested features from the industry, including:

  • Advanced Surveys: Increased emphasis on technology to provide a more robust tool
  • Customizable Pages: Easy development of multiple pages and sub-pages with various templates that all work together seamlessly to enhance and blend in with an organization’s brand
  • Smoother Workflows: Capability to draft, schedule and publish engagement projects with enhanced backend workflows to instantly increase collaboration and approvals across your organization
  • New Ideas and Stories: Modified tool offering to promote more effective storytelling and ideation for clients
  • Innovative Multilingual Support: Powerful add-on to generate accurate, culturally-relevant translations for your entire engagement site.


Current Social Pinpoint clients can continue to use SPP Classic for existing projects and will have the capability to set up and trial projects using the new platform. Even though The HiVE is being merged into the new Social Pinpoint platform, the only change clients will notice is two brands coming together to unite in community engagement expertise.

Social Pinpoint will support all current clients of SPP Classic to move to a new subscription, and where possible, transition them to a similar level in both functionality and price. All clients will continue to have access to their current subscription and will not be forced to migrate. You can reach out to the Social Pinpoint team via their website to request access to a full-featured free trial site for the new version.

Client feedback and comments regarding its updated version are welcome, including the opportunity to shape our product roadmap to respond to the ever-growing needs of community engagement practitioners. All feedback will be taken into consideration as Social Pinpoint continues to build out its new platform to help its customers connect, develop and build positive relationships with their communities and stakeholders through well-crafted technology.

To view the new Social Pinpoint platform and request a free trial, visit

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