GuestPoint Acquisition Focused on Improving Customer Experience

MySite Group expands their software portfolio through the acquisition of award-winning Property Management Software, GuestPoint.

GuestPoint is a market leading, intuitive property management system that streamlines the daily work of 900 moteliers in 21 countries. The investment by MySite will allow GuestPoint to rapidly accelerate the development and release of its next generation platform.

James MacLeod, General Manager of GuestPoint said of the acquisition “Joining MySite Group will provide additional capabilities to enable GuestPoint to expedite the production of our next generation product, which will be a highly responsive, cloud-based version of the platform that will allow our clients to access the software from any device, at any time”.

“The next generation product, which is already in development, will include an update to the User Interface to modernise the look and feel, while still maintaining the current familiarity and intuitive nature of the existing GuestPoint platform which our customers love”, he said.

The GuestPoint acquisition builds on MySite Groups portfolio of intuitive software products that enable thousands of users across the world to streamline their day-to-day roles and do their work as efficiently as possible.

Craig Chudleigh, CEO of MySite Group said “We are excited to welcome GuestPoint and their talented team to the group, as we work together to drive the business into a new phase of growth and capability”.

“At Mysite, we are home to world-class development and technical expertise, which has enabled GuestPoint to rapidly assemble a leading product development team and accelerate their product roadmap. It is expected that the new BETA version of the platform will be ready in August 2021, with a full release available by the end of this year”.

“GuestPoint complements our existing suite of products, with its customer-centric approach, focused on bringing value and ease to people’s lives”.

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