MySite Acquires Norbit, a Multi-Award Winning Engagement App

Here at MySite, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading digital engagement tools. We are delighted to announce that the multi-award-winning customer engagement software company, Norbit, has joined MySite, complimenting our current products, Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint.

Norbit is a mobile marketing platform that was designed by a team of retail marketing experts to provide a wide range of features to offer the best possible connection with your stakeholders and/or customers. Norbit makes it easy for its customers to reward, interact, engage, and learn about their customers and stakeholders like never before.

“We are very excited to add the multi-award-winning Norbit App and their high-performing team led by Gerry Mezzina to the MySite Software family. I believe adding Norbit will significantly boost the value we bring to our customers’ engagement efforts and enhance our position as the world’s leading provider of digital engagement tools.

Norbit compliments our current products, Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint, by enabling our customers to reward their stakeholders for getting involved. We look forward to showing our existing and future customers how the Norbit app can enhance community and stakeholder engagement programs through the use of gamification, augmented reality, and loyalty rewards strategies.” – Craig Chudleigh, CEO, MySite Design

“We’re extremely excited about joining forces with the MySite team. From our very first meeting with Craig, it was clear that we shared a common passion for digital engagement and a laser focus on creating software that empowers our customers to best connect with, learn from, and understand the people they engage with.

MySite will deliver a huge amount of support to the Norbit team and allow us to further develop and innovate. They bring to us over 15 years of software design and development experience, extensive resourcing on a global scale, and the knowledge required to scale and support our growth.

Their industry-leading engagement management softwares, Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint, are trusted by all levels of government organizations and private-sector corporations and have well-aligned, complementary features to the Norbit platform. There’s a fantastic opportunity for Norbit’s client base to utilize the Mysite products, and vice versa.

What excites me, even more, is the opportunity to integrate our products in innovative ways; and I’m looking forward to becoming recognized as the providers of the most comprehensive suite of digital customer engagement software on the market.” – Gerry Mezzina, Founder, Norbit

We would love to chat with you about how Norbit can enhance your digital engagement efforts. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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